How to appear taller using clothing

Once we reach adulthood there is no way to literally change our height. To become taller most women just put on a pair of high heels but not everyone can and wants to wear heels every day. However, if you are bothered by your height for some reason and want to do something about it, there are some clothing tips you can use to ‘look’ taller than your actual height.


Striped patterns can create an illusion of your body frame being much longer than it actually is but there is one thing to remember: the stripes have to be vertical. Horizontal stripes will give you exactly the opposite effect and make you look wider. If you only want to elongate your legs wear pants with vertical stripes.

Color coordination

Wearing an outfit that is made of colors from the same scheme can also give you the height you desire. For example, you can pair a pair of light blue jeans with a blue sweater and accessories in a greyish color that matches the tone of your clothes. Outfits like that create an imaginary vertical line from head to toes that visually lengthens your body.

Right footwear

Shoes also can completely change the apparent ‘height’ of an outfit even if they are not heels. The shoes’ color is crucial here. Wearing shoes of the same color as your pants or skirt uses the same principle as the previous point – one color makes you seem taller because the colors don’t clash.

What if you’re wearing shorts or a shorter skirt? Then just match the color of your shoes to your skin color. Be it beige, brown, or any other neutral color, wearing shoes in your skin color makes your feet look like an extension of your leg, effectively lengthening them visually. If you can’t stand wearing high heels try walking in wedges. Something like a pair of rose gold wedges will be perfect for a fancy party and it will look much better than a pair of purple heels because, again, the coloring of your leg and shoes will not clash noticeably.

One piece outfits

Both jumpsuits and dresses can make you look taller as long as they fit your frame properly. Bonus points if they are in the same color from top to bottom. It makes color coordinating much easier.

Outfits that use one piece clothing can also create an illusion of your waist being higher than it actually is and that will make your legs seem longer.

Avoid patterns

Loud and colorful patterns can be very fun but usually, they don’t work too well if your goal is to appear taller. They can seem bulky and make your frame larger than it is. the same goes for any chunky jewelry. It will just make you look heavier.

We should embrace our height no matter how tall or short we are but it is easier said than done. If you really want to appear taller to fight with insecurities or because you need to pull off a certain look, give these tips a try. You will be surprised by how effective they are!