How to appear taller using clothing

Once we reach adulthood there is no way to literally change our height. To become taller most women just put on a pair of high heels but not everyone can and wants to wear heels every day. However, if you are bothered by your height for some reason and want to do something about it, there are some clothing tips you can use to ‘look’ taller than your actual height.


Striped patterns can create an illusion of your body frame being much longer than it actually is but there is one thing to remember: the stripes have to be vertical. Horizontal stripes will give you exactly the opposite effect and make you look wider. If you only want to elongate your legs wear pants with vertical stripes.

Color coordination

Wearing an outfit that is made of colors from the same scheme can also give you the height you desire. For example, you can pair a pair of light blue jeans with a blue sweater and accessories in a greyish color that matches the tone of your clothes. Outfits like that create an imaginary vertical line from head to toes that visually lengthens your body.

Right footwear

Shoes also can completely change the apparent ‘height’ of an outfit even if they are not heels. The shoes’ color is crucial here. Wearing shoes of the same color as your pants or skirt uses the same principle as the previous point – one color makes you seem taller because the colors don’t clash.

What if you’re wearing shorts or a shorter skirt? Then just match the color of your shoes to your skin color. Be it beige, brown, or any other neutral color, wearing shoes in your skin color makes your feet look like an extension of your leg, effectively lengthening them visually. If you can’t stand wearing high heels try walking in wedges. Something like a pair of rose gold wedges will be perfect for a fancy party and it will look much better than a pair of purple heels because, again, the coloring of your leg and shoes will not clash noticeably.

One piece outfits

Both jumpsuits and dresses can make you look taller as long as they fit your frame properly. Bonus points if they are in the same color from top to bottom. It makes color coordinating much easier.

Outfits that use one piece clothing can also create an illusion of your waist being higher than it actually is and that will make your legs seem longer.

Avoid patterns

Loud and colorful patterns can be very fun but usually, they don’t work too well if your goal is to appear taller. They can seem bulky and make your frame larger than it is. the same goes for any chunky jewelry. It will just make you look heavier.

We should embrace our height no matter how tall or short we are but it is easier said than done. If you really want to appear taller to fight with insecurities or because you need to pull off a certain look, give these tips a try. You will be surprised by how effective they are!

Why You Need a Latte Machine in Your Kitchen!

We have all been there: you get up late one morning and you do not have time to go to the coffee shop for your favorite latte. Those mornings can always happen, and you miss out on your morning delight.

Now, just imagine if you had a latte machine in your kitchen on that type of morning. You could have it up and ready in minutes as opposed to the drive down the street. If you aren’t following yet, here are some reasons why you should get a latte machine for your kitchen!

Very Convenient – Like in the scenario above, you won’t have to wait to get one in line on a busy morning. Instead, you can set it up to make your favorite type of latte as you get dressed. It saves you time, you do not have to rush to make one, and you can drink it in an instant. You can also make a latte anytime you want without anyone stopping you – drink up!

Easy to Use – Don’t be intimidated by the product – latte machines can be easy and quick to use. There are many brands that guarantee simplicity for beginners while providing an easy experience. Not only are they easy to whip up your latte, but can do so in minutes. The machines can do most of the work for you as you just heat them up, if not more.

You Will Save Money – If you have a latte machine in your kitchen, why would you need to go to the coffee shop anymore? This means you would save time and save a lot of money. Depending on the machine you buy, it can save you money on purchasing one cup every day. That money can go into other areas in your life without having to lose out on your much needed drink.

Enjoy Many Types – Many latte machines will provide the options to blend other options for your coffee. This opens up to a big selection of mixing your latte with whatever else you want. If you want to have a vanilla latte one morning and a peppermint flavor for the next day, you can. You can even try flavors that you are new to so you can get new flavors. It is all up to you to decide what you want to taste once it is in your kitchen.

Surprise Your Guests – If you have friends who love latte’s, then you know how giving them one will make their day better. Surprise your friends by whipping them up a latte of their own when they visit. Not only that, but they make great for parties or celebrations. Having your own latte machine can keep them entertained while doing activities. It can also be great for your partner – so why not surprise them in the morning and hand them over one?

There can be a lot of benefits for owning a latte machine. Why continue to rush out without your favorite coffee when you can have it by the time you finish getting dressed!



The ultimate list of baby comfort and safety items

Bringing a baby into the world is a matter of love, responsibility, and hope for the future. There is perhaps no greater endeavor than raising a child, and we as parents must know that their development, health, and safety are our top priorities from now on. Before they are even born, we are bombarded with information and advice from experienced parents, oftentimes our own parents, about what we should do once they are here with us, what to avoid, what to buy, what works for this, what doesn’t work for that, and so on. It is a lot of stress to handle in the eve of their birth.

Fortunately for us, we have more or less 9 months to prepare for the baby‘s arrival, and nowadays there is an excess of information about everything, if anything. We have a better understanding of babies and their developmental process, as well as where there could be a lack of something or an excess of another thing. We are better prepared to face the challenges that come naturally with the growing up process of the child, and we should be certain that we have the tools to take the best decisions we can.

Once they are born, there are a lot of things we should have ready. Their first clothes, blanket, diapers, towels, and so much more. In most cases, ideally we would have a support network or at least a supporting partner to help us with the huge responsibility that has been bestowed upon us. Whatever the case, there are several essentials that we should have already at our disposal or at least written down in our shopping list.

Most of these items seem not very important, but they are at the most basic level they could be. Of course, we are talking about objects that allow you to put your baby to rest, or where he can simply stay and play. There are plenty of these objects and they all have different uses and are used at different stages of your child’s development. Below, we go over several of them so you can have a complete picture of the things you should have to always make sure your baby has somewhere to rest and be comfortable.

Moses basket

A Moses basket is probably the first thing you will use to carry your baby out of the hospital. It is essentially a big basket, resistant enough to hold a baby comfortably. It is lined with soft beddings where you lay down the baby. The name comes, of course, from the biblical tale in which Moses was placed in a basket to hide him from the Pharaoh’s men who were ordered to find and kill all infants of Israel.

There are several benefits to owning a Moses basket:

Comfortable for your baby

Direct visual contact with baby

Light to carry

Affordable and durable

These baskets have been traditionally adopted as the default first “vehicle” for your baby for a couple of reasons. First, they are the most comfortable way to carry your baby around, both for them and for you. You can lay your baby down and snuggle him or her tight, pick up the basket and just carry it with you. As you transport your baby from one place to another, you can always keep an eye on them since they will be quite literally right in your hand. It is convenient and easy to use a Moses basket because not only are they made from light, natural materials, but also the basket itself presents an opportunity to have something to carry your baby around without spending as much as you would on a stroller right away.

Some cons of Moses baskets include:

Not safe enough for every situation

Very limited use

On the other hand, we have the fact that Moses baskets are honestly not the greatest choice for baby transportation beyond just a couple of meters. These baskets are usually artisanal and are not made to meet any sort of safety standard, so their use is mostly a matter of tradition. Parents acknowledge that their use is not that practical outside of walking with the baby for short distances. As soon as you get to the car, you need to switch to a baby safety seat. Not to mention that babies outgrow Moses baskets fairly quickly, even more so than other items on this list.


Bassinets are a type of cradle which are usually higher and more rigid. Whereas cradles can rock back and forth or side to side, bassinets are more concerned with being accessible, hence their height to make laying the baby down on it easier. Bassinets should be acquired early on when you have a new baby, so they can have a resting place that is truly theirs. You can check here for the best baby bassinet available on the market.

Some pros of getting a bassinet for your baby are:

Comfortable height for parents

Sturdy structure

With a bassinet, you can avoid leaning over all the way down like you would with a traditional crib. Cribs tend to rest at floor level, which makes putting your baby to sleep a pain for your back due to the additional effort every time you lay your child down or pick them up. Moreover, you can rid yourself of the fear of instability that comes with cradles, which can usually rock excessively, because bassinets don’t. They stand on their own fixed legs or on top of an adjustable base. The latter is usually the case, making them also a more portable option than others.

These bassinets do have some cons, which are mainly the following:

Not very versatile

Limited use

Just like with Moses baskets and some other items on this list, bassinets suffer from the same issues with versatility of use and lifespan. A bassinet is just a bassinet, which makes for a tough competition with other objects that can serve more than one purpose or be converted over time. Besides, its use is limited inherently by the rate at which your baby grows, which won’t make it useful past the first couple of months.

Baby carrier

Perhaps one of the most useful items on this list, a baby carrier will help you keep your baby close to you in a way that is not only comfortable for you to walk with him or her but also allows you to do other things simultaneously. Baby carriers come in all shapes and sizes, and you can even craft your own from materials and garment you may already have at home.

Among the advantages of baby carriers we find:

Practical designs

Comfortable for parent and baby


The fact that baby carriers evolved from traditional ways women have used to carry their babies on them for generations tells us a lot about them. First, even the most elaborate designs of this product are easy and practical to use. Most modern carriers feature some sort of hard support for the baby and straps to make sure it is close to the parent, but anyone with a piece of fabric large enough can make their own carrier by wrapping it around themselves and securing the wrap. Either way, babies end up sitting or curling up tightly next to their parent’s torso, and parents are free to walk around and do simple chores since their hands are free. They are generally rather inexpensive, but they can be free if you learn how to make your own.

Some cons of using baby carriers might be:

Can get pretty hot

Comfort depends on the parent

Baby carriers only have a few minor drawbacks, namely in terms of long-term use. For instance, keeping your baby so close to you for extended periods of time will end up making you sweat quite a bit. They themselves might get a little fuzzy after a while, particularly if they are already a bit older or aren’t used to the carrier yet. It is also up to the parent to decide if they have enough core strength to carry a baby around as much as they will probably need to. In case they don’t feel like it, there are alternatives, of course.


Speaking of alternative ways to carry a baby with you, the most popular one is obviously the stroller. We all know strollers, and nowadays there seem to be more types of strollers than types of cars. A stroller is basically a modern version of a baby carriage, equipped with a seat that may or may not adjust to become a bed, and with lots of compartments and features to make parents’ lives easier all around.

As you can probably imagine, strollers have many points in their favor, some of which are:

Practical and universally used

Many different designs

Weather resistant in most cases


Nearly everyone you know who has a baby also has a stroller. They are truly the easiest way to transport babies with minimum effort and maximum safety. Babies on a sitting position will always be secured by an infant-proof seat belt, and the strollers themselves have breaks and can lock into place in some models. There are hundreds of designs to accomodate parents’ needs, including but not limited to strollers that attach to your bike, strollers with compartments large enough for groceries, strollers with wagons, twin strollers, and more. Almost all designs feature some sort of protective cover on the front, mostly breathable mosquito nets and waterproof transparent covers for rain and snow. Strollers are essential, so they are designed to last you well until kids are 5 and even 6 years old.

However, there are cons to strollers you should be mindful of:

Can be expensive

Cumbersome depending on the model

The obvious fact about something as essential as a stroller is that it is a one-time expense in most cases and, therefore, pricey. Depending on the model you choose and the features that are important to you, a stroller can get really expensive. Furthermore, if you decide not to consider some important features, it is likely you will regret it further down the line. For example, if your stroller doesn’t fold properly or enough, carrying it around will be an absolute hassle and defeat its purpose entirely.

Pack and play

On the realm of artifacts that can save your life, a pack and play should definitely be on the list. When you are not on the go but somewhere where you just need to put your baby down and keep him entertained, pack and plays really shine. Much like its name states, it is basically a portable play pen for your baby that can also have other uses depending on what you need. You can take a look at some of the best pack and play suitable for your child here.

Benefits of owning and having a pack and play include:




The name pack and play truly says it all. It is a plastic play pen with a padded bottom where babies can play, crawl, and even sleep if need be. Models vary, but most of them tend to be easily foldable and light in weight so you can carry and assemble them anywhere. If you are leaving the baby with your parents for the day, for example, they probably don’t have a crib for him or her, but a pack and play with bedding and a blanket can easily double as a makeshift crib for daytime naps until you pick them back up. They are usually quite affordable and standard in their functions, so there is little room for regrets with a pack and play.

Like all things, there are also some disadvantages, which are:

Not very resistant

Quickly outgrown

Being made of light materials and with portability in mind is a double-edged sword when it comes to baby stuff. Pack and plays can be really neat, but also they can be easily toppled by a baby playing roughly enough inside it. This will become an increasingly looming danger as the baby grows in size and strength, which in turn makes the pack and play useless to keep them contained.

Bonus: baby car seat

Although not all parents own cars, road safety should be an absolute priority for parents if they ever travel by car with their baby. In this sense, getting a baby car seat is just mandatory, since it is literally against the law in most places to drive a car with a baby that is not properly secured. Baby car seats come in all shapes and sizes, but security should always be at the top of your desired features list before anything else that is purely aesthetic.

Child safety seats evidently have a ton of advantages, but the main ones are:

Enhanced security for the baby

Peace of mind for parents

Versatile and long-lasting

Well, the first one should be obvious: your children will be safe in the event of any sort of car accident. These seats are designed to withstand tremendous impacts and safeguard children above all else, so you can rest easy as long as your baby is tightly strapped to their seat in the back of the car. Much like strollers, safety seats are an essential object to own if you have both a car and a baby, so they are conceived to double as a Moses basket of sorts in some cases, and also to adapt over time to keep even older children safe in the car.

Some cons of baby car seats are:

Reduced space in car

Children get tired quickly

Not all vehicles are compatible with all car seats. While you may force most of them to fit into your car, reality is that you want to keep your baby safe but you would also like to have at least one other seat available in the back if possible. Sometimes, installing a child safety seat renders the entire back of the car unusable, which is a small price to pay to have the peace of mind that your baby will always be safe, but still not as practical as it could be. In addition, babies and small children tend to get tired really quickly of being strapped to the seat for long periods of time, which is hard to deal with when you are in the middle of a long road trip and there is no other option for them.

How to Get a Better Tan This Year on Vacation

Women Tanning in Bahamas
Women Tanning in Bahamas

Tanning has gone in and out of fashion in early 20th century onwards. Tanning got its popularity initially due to the noble price winning Medical procedure introduced by Niels Finsen in 1903. The procedure was called “Finsen Light Therapy”. It was recognized as the cure to diseases like Lupus Vulgaris and rickets, which was caused by the deficiency of Vitamin D. It was found out that exposure to sun stimulated the production of Vitamin D in the body and which in terms cured the diseases caused by its deficiency.

Even though it was first introduced as a medical procedure, its uniqueness attracted the attention of the fashion industry within no time. By Mid-1920’s sunbathing became the new trend among the leisure class. More than 100 years later, it is still one of the most preferred fashion procedure in Europe and America. Instead of getting outdated, it becomes more and more popular and popularity lead to the introduction of new tanning techniques and procedures. Now, we have a handful of new techniques and a large number of cosmetic products for tanning. Let’s go through some of them.

Indoor tanning

Indoor tanning or sunless tanning are comparatively new techniques in which products like lotions, gels, sprays, mousses, wipes, and powders are used. Here staining agents which contain dihydroxyacetone(DHA) is used to get the temporary tanning effect. DHA reacts with amino acids on the skin to turn it dark or to look tan.

One of the most common ways of using DHA is Airbrushing, where DHA solution is sprayed over the body by a spraying technician. It usually takes around 20 to 30 minutes for airbrushing and the recipient have to wait at least 8 hours before washing their skin. Sunless tanning lotion also uses DHA as the main ingredient. It will generally take up to 3 hours to get a noticeable change in skin color. It typically lasts for about a week.

Bronzers are best for people who want to get tan for a day or two. Bronzers cover the skin with an even layer of powder that can be removed by washing. It is available in form of gel, spray, powders, and sticks. There are some tanning pills and tanning mists available too. But, how safe these techniques are? We do not know as FDA has not approved these kinds of drugs yet. There are also Salons which have tanning beds and booths in which Ultra Violet Light is used in a controlled way to get the desired tan on the skin. Even though the UV lamps used in these booths are controlled, a person should be inside only for 20 minutes.

Outdoor Tanning

Outdoor tanning also is known as sun tanning is purely natural as it depends on the UV rays from the sun. it is caused by the production of melanin which turns the skin tone darker. But excessive UV radiation causes DNA damage and cancer. There are two components of UV radiation namely UVA and UVB which both causes the production of Melanin and thereby tanning. But the amount of Melanin produced will be much higher in UVB exposure and the tan will last longer than UVA exposure. Tanning lotions are used to ensure that the UV rays are absorbed evenly throughout the body to have a more even tan.

Use of tanning lotions is highly recommended to get a proper tan. Usually, tanning lotions are applied at least an hour after the application of pre-tanning lotion. These lotions act as a partial blocking agent that protects the body from overexposure which causes cancer yet gives the desired tanning. Tanning lotions also help to get the desired tan faster. Choosing the tanning lotion is very important as it depends on the type of the skin.

Tanning is considered a healthy procedure, but when the sole purpose is forgotten and new methods are adopted, the safety is becoming a big question mark. So getting a tan in a healthy way should be considered as the only option.

Sailing, Life & Living in Nassau, Bahamas

Sailing in Bahamas
Sailing in Bahamas

Nassau is the biggest city, the commercial hub and the capital of the Bahamas. This city covers an area of ninety-eight miles and has a population of about two hundred and sixty thousand residents. Nassau is situated on New Providence Island and it is governed directly by the national government. This city can trace it history back to the sixteenth century when it was known as Charles Town. In 1684, it would be destroyed by the Spanish, but was rebuilt in 1695. It was then name Nassau in honor of Dutch King William III.

By the beginning of the eighteenth century, the Bahamas had a very small population and had become a haven for pirates. Pirate Chieftains Thomas Barrow and Benjamin Hornigold named the city a pirate republic and set themselves up as its governors. The British Crown appointed Captain Woodes Rogers as governor of the area in an attempt to regain control of it. By 1918, Rogers had forcibly removed Blackbeard and other pirates from the region and reformed the local government. During the American Revolution, the Battle of Nassau caused an American occupation of the region. The Americans only held it for two days before they left with the large military stores from the island.

Today, Nassau is a popular tourist destination that has a whole range of attractions available to its guests. One of the more popular attractions in the city is Blue Lagoon Island. Blue Lagoon Island is a private island that is situated about three miles from the city. Before the late nineteenth century, the island was a salt marsh and was called Salt Cay. It was a popular stop for pirates who used the vast salt reserves on the island to preserve their food rations. In 1875, the island was bought by Charles King Harmon for a sum of thirty-five pounds.

He retained the island for a period of eleven years before he finally sold it to Sir Augustus John Adderley for one hundred pounds. Sir Adderley would hold on to it for six years before he sold it two Americans for one hundred and forty-five pounds. They would hold on to it for ten years before selling it to Abraham Van Winkle for one hundred and thirty-five pounds. Abraham Van Winkle would set out on a mission to renovate the island. He hired men to dredge out the salt marsh and cut out a lagoon. He then planted over five thousand palm trees and built a system of concrete paths. The island was then sold to the McCutcheon family for a sum of seventeen thousand United States dollars. From 1916 until 1979, the island was owned by the McCutcheon family. In 1991 it was purchased by L.A. Meister for an undisclosed sum. Today, its a popular attraction for divers and snorkelers.

Another prominent attraction in the city is the Ardastra Gardens Zoo and Conservation Center. This zoo was opened to the public in 1937. The zoo has a collection of about three hundred animals. Animals that are here include fresh water turtles, horned owls, flamingos, peacocks, parrots, macaws and cockatoos. It also has five acres of gardens that are filled with bromeliads, orchids, hibisus, fruit trees and coconut palms. Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is another fine attraction in the area.

In 1956, the Governor of the Bahamas set aside twenty-two miles of Exumas to be used as a nature preserve. He did this on recommendation of the superintendant of Everglades National Park, Daniel Beard. In 1958, Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park was formally established and the Bahamas National Trust was put in charge of it. While overfishing has been a problem in most parts of the Bahamas, Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park still has a very viable breeding population of lobster, conch and groupers. In 1985, the Bahamas National Trust made it a protected replenishment zone and all fishing is strictly prohibited in the confines of the park. This allows for marine animals to replenish their numbers and there is evidence that this is extending outside the boundaries of the park. Today, the park is the perfect stop for nature lovers and animal watchers. There is also plenty of land to hike and many visitors come to the park for the great opportunities that it affords snorkelers and scuba divers.

Spanish Wells is another prominent Bahama attraction. This island is about two miles long and a half a mile wide, and is situated off of the tip of Eluethera Island. About fifteen hundred residents live on the island and the island is so compact that many residents use golf carts to get around. The first settlers on the island were from Eleuthera who shipwrecked off of a reef called the Devils backbone. Today, the island is famous for lobster fishing.