How to Get a Better Tan This Year on Vacation

Women Tanning in Bahamas
Women Tanning in Bahamas

Tanning has gone in and out of fashion in early 20th century onwards. Tanning got its popularity initially due to the noble price winning Medical procedure introduced by Niels Finsen in 1903. The procedure was called “Finsen Light Therapy”. It was recognized as the cure to diseases like Lupus Vulgaris and rickets, which was caused by the deficiency of Vitamin D. It was found out that exposure to sun stimulated the production of Vitamin D in the body and which in terms cured the diseases caused by its deficiency.

Even though it was first introduced as a medical procedure, its uniqueness attracted the attention of the fashion industry within no time. By Mid-1920’s sunbathing became the new trend among the leisure class. More than 100 years later, it is still one of the most preferred fashion procedure in Europe and America. Instead of getting outdated, it becomes more and more popular and popularity lead to the introduction of new tanning techniques and procedures. Now, we have a handful of new techniques and a large number of cosmetic products for tanning. Let’s go through some of them.

Indoor tanning

Indoor tanning or sunless tanning are comparatively new techniques in which products like lotions, gels, sprays, mousses, wipes, and powders are used. Here staining agents which contain dihydroxyacetone(DHA) is used to get the temporary tanning effect. DHA reacts with amino acids on the skin to turn it dark or to look tan.

One of the most common ways of using DHA is Airbrushing, where DHA solution is sprayed over the body by a spraying technician. It usually takes around 20 to 30 minutes for airbrushing and the recipient have to wait at least 8 hours before washing their skin. Sunless tanning lotion also uses DHA as the main ingredient. It will generally take up to 3 hours to get a noticeable change in skin color. It typically lasts for about a week.

Bronzers are best for people who want to get tan for a day or two. Bronzers cover the skin with an even layer of powder that can be removed by washing. It is available in form of gel, spray, powders, and sticks. There are some tanning pills and tanning mists available too. But, how safe these techniques are? We do not know as FDA has not approved these kinds of drugs yet. There are also Salons which have tanning beds and booths in which Ultra Violet Light is used in a controlled way to get the desired tan on the skin. Even though the UV lamps used in these booths are controlled, a person should be inside only for 20 minutes.

Outdoor Tanning

Outdoor tanning also is known as sun tanning is purely natural as it depends on the UV rays from the sun. it is caused by the production of melanin which turns the skin tone darker. But excessive UV radiation causes DNA damage and cancer. There are two components of UV radiation namely UVA and UVB which both causes the production of Melanin and thereby tanning. But the amount of Melanin produced will be much higher in UVB exposure and the tan will last longer than UVA exposure. Tanning lotions are used to ensure that the UV rays are absorbed evenly throughout the body to have a more even tan.

Use of tanning lotions is highly recommended to get a proper tan. Usually, tanning lotions are applied at least an hour after the application of pre-tanning lotion. These lotions act as a partial blocking agent that protects the body from overexposure which causes cancer yet gives the desired tanning. Tanning lotions also help to get the desired tan faster. Choosing the tanning lotion is very important as it depends on the type of the skin.

Tanning is considered a healthy procedure, but when the sole purpose is forgotten and new methods are adopted, the safety is becoming a big question mark. So getting a tan in a healthy way should be considered as the only option.